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Possess long and thick eyelashes are the ideal condition for most women and girls, since they can high light your eye beauty, make you looks more feminine and sexy. But the reality is that most women are suffering brittle and thin lashes everyday, even some of them have not aware of the bad impact on […]

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If you are suffer from brittle and thin eyelashes, Careprost is your best choice. Careprost is used to treat insufficient eyelashes and also effective for glaucoma. Eyelash not only possess function like protect your eyes from dust and attack from insects, they are also the critical element to draw attention to your beautiful fellows. You […]

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Aging process are inevitable for all human beings, we all will get old one day, so as the eyelash follicles, they will shrinking and dehydrating day by day, so our eyelashes will grow less with each grow phase. What’s more, the misuse of mascara particularly waterproof mascara can also lead to eyelash disaster that beyond […]